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Slides and links from PHPConference 2010

Polling #pbc10 at Twitter during PHPConference and Googling later on I have compile all these links from each talk, trying to find at least twitter account, blog and slide links from each talk and presenter.

I know it is not complete, but it will be as soon as I can.

If you know any other source or find a broken link, please comment post or  tweet me and I will update this list.

Hope it is useful.

Hidden features of PHP by Ilia Alshanetsky

APC & Memcached the High Performance Duo by Ilia Alshanetsky

A new approach to object persistence in PHP by Stefan Priebsch

Split A/B Testing Database-driven PHP Web Applications by Kuassi Mensah

‘In search of…’ – integrating site search systems by Ian Barber

How to scale PHP applications by Enrico Zimuel

Cloud computing with PHP and Azure by David Salgado

Design patterns… revisited for PHP 5.3 by Fabien Potencier

PHP in the Enterprise: Develop and Deploy Mission Critical Applications by Kuassi Mensah

Graphs in the database: RDBMS in the social networks age by Lorenzo Alberton

Cómo involucrarse con PHP by Yago Ferrer

Real-time Communication Techniques with PHP by Scott Mattocks

Demystifying PostgreSQL by Asher Snyder

Database version control without pain by Harrie Verveer

PHP for Android: Scripting PHP en Android by Ivan Mosquera

Scaling Magento by Fernando Palomo

Continuous Improvement in PHP projects by Thorsten Rihnne

iPhone Websites with PHP by Markus Franz (speaker could not arrive on time, this talk took place instead:)
PHP Code audits by Damien Seguy

Distributed Source Code Management by Hugh Gilmour

Varnish in action by Thijs Feryn

Architecture and testability by Giorgio Sironi

Comet: By Pushing Server Data, We Push the Web Forward by Philip Ross

Doctrine 2.0 by Juozas Kaziukenas

Lemur Framework by Javier Linares & Paulo Oliveira

Service Oriented Architecture: a good thing to do by Jan Willem Eshuis

Mondongo, un ODM para PHP y MongoDB by Pablo Díez

SCRUM al detalle: Revisión práctica y perversiones humanas by Carlos Buenosvinos

MySQL client caching by Johannes Schlüter

Desarrollo de aplicaciones para Facebook en PHP by Victor Castell

PHP Team organisation by Damien Seguy

PHP through the eyes of a hoster by Thijs Feryn

High Performance WebApps Faster & Easier with NOLOH by Asher Snyder

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  1. Harrie Verveer

    Nice overview! The slides for the talk «Database version control without pain» are on slideshare:


  2. tatai


    Thanks Harrie!

  3. xPheRe

    Thanks for sharing! It’s being hard to find all the resources to fill the «easter-egg pendrive» they gave us…

  4. james

    «PHP team organisation» slides are at


  5. tatai


    Thanks James!

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